SERENUS offers its customers specialised training courses whose topics have been carefully designed to provide all our participants with strong technical training.

Our specialised courses have a maximum of 10 trainees per course.

All our courses are recognised in Europe and United Nations member countries.

We offer intensive courses in:


Our training course has a duration of three days of theoretical training, and three days of training using practical scenarios performed outdoors. Our scenarios (hostile theatres) are designed to prepare our clients to react to multiple situations that may occur in hostile zones.

Our team of trainers hold certifications recognised by the European Union, United Nations, and multiple NGOs such as NRC, USAID among others.

SERENUS has a technical partnership with the renowned BLUESPEAR training academy which is one of Europe's leading technical training academies for high-risk and hostile areas. Within the SERENUS/BlueSpear portfolio is the ability to deliver specialised courses for war journalists, NGOs and other elite groups who will have to work in hostile environments. 

Theoretical component of the HEAT 36 hours course:

Topic 1 : Introduction to the Hostile Zone
Topic 2 : Awareness of the geographical environment
Topic 3 : Managing the level of risk and response to ballistic or medical incidents
Topic 4 : Communications
Topic 5 : Mobile security
Topic 6 : Weapons, Mines, Explosives, Ambush
Topic 7 : Orientation and use of maps
Topic 8 : Threats related to strikes, riots, popular uprisings
Topic 9 : Information security

Practical component of the HEAT course 30 hours:

 4 scenarios of incident response in hostile environments, (2 during the day and 2 at night).
 2 scenarios medical incident response. (1 day and 1 night).
 1 scenario hostile driving (illegal roadside check + ambush).

All our courses have EU (European Union) and UN (United Nations) recognised certification.
All our certificates are recognised by the main NGOs in Africa.

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